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Clean Bins USA
   (833) 906-2976          Clean Bins USA
Refreshing bins. Renewing community.

We’re Clean Bins.

We enjoy delivering happiness, maintaining the beauty of our community, and of course, cleaning your trash bins!

The Clean Bins Story

Committed to providing an eco-friendly solution to cleaning trash bins, Corey Fjerstad of Clean Bins USA is here to do the dirty work.

As a locally operated business, Corey Fjerstad and his cousin, Levi, provide a trash bin cleaning service that leaves bins looking clean and smelling fresh.

In the summer heat, trash bins are often home to mold, mildew and uninvited nocturnal visitors like racoons and javelinas. Clean Bins USA provides a quick and easy solution to smelly trash bins that improves the health, safety and beauty of homes and businesses in the community.

“In the last few months, I’ve probably gained about 150 customers,” Fjerstad says, whose business is only five months old. Strong social media presence and word of mouth are his main drivers of growth. Driving his bright green and blue truck up and down Shea and Saguaro boulevards also help promote his trash bin cleaning business.

“The colors are bright and stick out. It’s like a rolling billboard,” Fjerstad added.

Fjerstad first moved to Fountain Hills from South Dakota in 2020, working in the pool business. The trash cleaning business was an idea born from watching YouTube videos, and after purchasing a bin cleaning truck, he went to work.

“When I first started, I was just driving around, offering cleanings for free,” Fjerstad said.

He now provides subscription or one-time cleaning services and has promotions running every month.

After visiting, signing up for a bin cleaning is simple. On the website, users have the option to sign up for a monthly, bi-monthly or a one-time bin cleaning service. From there, customers enter their address and contact information, along with info regarding their trash and recycle collection day. Once submitted, Fjerstad and his team will come around in the days following trash and recycle collection and start the cleaning process.

For the sake of efficiency, Fjerstad asks that customers leave their bins out after trash and recycle collection so his team can do their jobs quickly and without customers even having to be present.

“All we require is access to your trash bins at your curb,” Fjerstad said. “From there we’ll clean ‘em and bring ‘em back up.”

After preparing them for cleaning, the trash bins are then hoisted into the truck hopper and cleaned using a high-pressure heated water, spraying at 3,500 PSI at 220 degrees Fahrenheit. The water is sprayed through a 360-degree nozzle to ensure the bottom and walls of the trash bins are cleaned thoroughly.

At this point, the bins are inspected and, if needed, the process is repeated until the bins are completely clean. No chemicals are used in the process. Instead, a non-toxic biodegradable cleaner is applied for any grease or sediment stuck to the sides or bottom of the bin. After a final inspection, the bins are deodorized and ready for use.

When his truck is filled with wastewater, Fjerstad makes a trip to the Fountain Hills Sanitary District. He dispenses the wastewater, replenishes his freshwater reservoir and hits the road for more cleaning.

“The hardest part about this whole business is that nationwide, 98% of people don’t know about it,” Fjerstad said.

For this reason, Fjerstad has commissioned local website designers and videographers to promote his business online, from TikTok to Angie’s to LinkedIn.

The Clean Bins USA Facebook page is filled with before-and-after pictures of trash bins that have been thoroughly cleaned and sanitized, ready for a new week.

With his business taking shape, Fjerstad is looking forward to the close of Summer when the weather draws winter residents and visitors into town and provides even more opportunities for his growing business.

With a goal of expanding throughout the country, for now, Clean Bins USA is servicing its hometown of Fountain Hills and neighbors including Scottsdale, Rio Verde and Tonto Verde.

Clean Bins USA is open 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday through Friday. To set up a cleaning appointment, call 833-906-2976.

Our REFRESH Promise™

Everything we do for our community is rooted in our promise.


We love the community we serve and we respect our clients, each other, the environment, and our mission.


With the services we provide, we will always encourage environmentally-friendly behaviors that make a positive difference in our community.


We love the community we serve and we respect our clients, each other, the environment, and our mission.


Because we value the trust you share with Clean Bins, we maintain the highest standards for our business. Our team will always be reliable and provide the results you expect to see.


We will always provide our services with distinction and to the best of our ability. Our goal with your satisfaction
requires that we consistently strive to improve our abilities, remain innovative, and set a standard for others.


With every action we take, our team is committed to providing the best service that exceeds our clients’ expectations. When it comes to our service, we won’t be settle for less.


Transparency is key to any relationship; it’s why we’ll always be honest with you around our pricing, what you can expect to experience with Clean Bins, how we know you’ll love our service, and everything in between.

Our Mission

Clean Bins is dedicated to delivering efficient, eco-friendly, comprehensive trash bin cleaning services in a way that improves the health, safety, and beauty of homes and businesses in our community.

Our Vision

We aspire to be the choice for trash bin cleaning services throughout Fountain Hills, Scottsdale, Rio Verde, and Tonto Verde. Our goal is to provide peace of mind for friends, families, and neighbors with a commitment to service and a guarantee to making lives better, and neighborhoods cleaner, one trash bin at a time.

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